Is There A Quarantine Double Standard?

Usually I don't take my time writing about what tabloids are saying about celebrities but this time, I feel as if I need to speak up because just like everything in the media, I am seeing a double standard and this time with quarantine.

If you haven't read the news lately (I can't blame you if you haven't) than let me catch you up. Recently Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who reside in Nashville but are from Australia took a private plane to their homeland. During this time, word got out that instead of quarantining in a government approved hotel, the couple decided to quarantine in their home instead. Of course, this sparked major uproar with the media and others. Many headlines stated that they were being 'selfish' for wanting to spend 14 days in their home instead of a hotel. Others blamed them for 'celebrity privilege'.

"Money talks" one fan on Twitter said. But here is the thing. I am tired of others spewing hate and saying horrible things when they don't know the whole story. I am also tired of this horrible double standard that I have been seeing. The media and others love to make others seem like the bad guy if they don't follow what they think is the perfect 'rule' or 'law', but even if they do follow that rule or law they still end up being the bad guy. This very thing is happening here with Keith and Nicole. Do these onlookers realize that with Australia, people who travel can apply for an exemption and if they prove that they can successfully quarantine, then they do not have to stay in the hotel with their staff and crew? Do they know that Nicole, the executive producer of Nine Perfect Strangers has been authorized to establish an isolated production hub under full police-supervised quarantine at their Southern Highlands property to allow for pre-production to continue during their quarantine? Similar arrangements are also made by governments to support football clubs to train and prepare for matches. Do they also know that Keith and Nicole have also paid for their own security at the gate of their home during quarantine? Do they also know that they are picking on the wrong couple? Perhaps they don't know any of this and I will give them the benefit of a doubt. But if they didn't, I had only wished that some research was done before attacking anyone.

I do realize that several celebrities love to use their privilege. It's been proven time and time again. This is nothing new. You have seen most celebrities virtue signal about masks, staying home, and so on. But what I do know is that Keith and Nicole are anything but what I have described above. Perhaps I am biased, but I have never seen Keith appear to have ever used his 'celebrity privilege' and for those calling him selfish is a false statement. How do I know this? I have met him and he is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Not to mention, I have seen this in his actions and his work. Keith and Nicole, in general are very private people and the backlash they are receiving from wanting to stay in their home rather than a hotel is absurd.

If we are going to be upset with them, we should also be upset with the security that has had contact with them because shouldn't they quarantine too? Shouldn't those who travel on a regular basis be forced to quarantine in a hotel or is it okay for them to head home? Is it okay to want to be in the comfort of your own home rather than spending 14 days in a hotel?

When you think about it, wouldn't you want to quarantine in your home as well? The insane double standard between who can and can not quarantine and who should and should not do certain things is getting ridiculous. The narrative of assuming that certain people are using money or being selfish because they choose to do something one doesn't agree with is wrong. We don't know the entire story but I do know that they had a valid reason to go to their home instead of a hotel.

What I do know is that we can't make assumptions before we know the whole story. I've been seeing horrible and nasty things being spread around and it's not okay. We have to pick and choose a lane and stick with it and stop with the double standard. Do I understand why some people are possibly upset? Sure. But at the same time, I think we need to take into consideration that not everything is about privilege but perhaps there is a valid reason instead. We don't know what that reason is but I'd like to believe that it wasn't about 'privilege'.

We as a society are so quick to judge others by what they do, and we are so quick to spew hate and that isn't what Christ would want us to do. Instead of spewing hate and calling someone selfish, let's take a step back and realize that we don't have all the answers ourselves and we don't always know the full story.

This story itself is a bit ridiculous but I think it proves that we are too quick to pick a narrative and run with it. We are too quick to assume the worst.. It is not wrong to want to stay in your own home. It is not selfish to apply for some kind of exemption in a different country. Not everything is about privilege. This world is crazy and I know everyone has a different opinion about what is going on but this constant name calling isn't okay. Saying someone is selfish just because you don't agree with them is wrong.

I will speak for Keith because I have met him just like I would with anyone who I know is probably not using their privilege to get somewhere in life. Let's not err on the side of assumptions (which I know we are all guilty of) but rather take a step back and wait for the whole story and not follow along with the double standard that is often played out in our everyday lives via the news, internet, and media as a whole.

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