Countdown to Fall: Fashion Favorites

If you know anything about me, you know my passion for the Fall season runs deep. It's my favorite time of the year, and come August, I am full on counting down and celebrating the season. I start wearing the colors and preparing for, in my opinion, the happiest time of the year.

We are only a month and 7 days away until the first day off the season, and you guessed it, I am super excited. On the blog, I'll be posting about Fall a lot and counting down, and if you're ready for it, I hope you do the same with me. This week I'll be posting my favorite Fall fashion favorites and must haves. These favorites are styles I always gravitate toward during the Fall months, and I highly recommend you check them out.


These are literally the most comfortable piece of clothing, plus they are super cute. You can't go wrong with owning at least 2 of these.

You can find these on Amazon and Dress Up


A jacket is always a good idea.

You can find these at any retail store. My favorites are Dress Up, Magnoila Boutique and PinkLily Boutique


Shop sweaters at Dress Up and PinkLily


Booties are super cute, comfortable, and will go with just about any Fall outfit you have in your closet.

You can find a great selection of booties at Magnoila Boutique

What are your favorite Fall styles?

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